About us


The company KOMPONENTY, a.s. ZLÍN has got a long year tradition and experience in development, manufacture and sale of components not only for the shoe manufacture. It offers an extensive assortment of products from rubber soles and heels up to compact and expanded rubber plates, rubber compounds, shoemaking chemicals and raw materials for rubber processing, soles of PU, TPE, PVC and EVA materials, socklinings with different utility properties, rubber and plastics components of non-shoemaking character, products of technical rubber, products for automobile industry etc. In manufacture of components, various manufacturing technologies are being used, such as compression and injection moulding, casting etc.


The company ensures a complex prefabrication preparation, processing of technical documentation, preparation of models and moulds according to the customer´s wish. The tradition of the manufacture of components has started in 1894, when the brothers and sister Bata had established a shoemaking company. With the development and increasing of manufacture of shoes, the proportion of components enhanced as well. In the thirties of the twentieth century, the company was the greatest manufacturer of components for the manufacture of shoes in the then Czechoslovakia. This manufacture expanded also after the World War II, when the Company was nationalized and the products were leaving the factory under the trademark Svit. The company Svit a.s. was restructured in 1998 and a company under the trade name of KOMPONENTY, a.s. ZLÍN specialized in manufacture of components was established.

Its new manufacturing programmes, which have already been introduced, are oriented to the supplies of special products for the Army, for trekking shoes, for sport, chiropody and of many other lines. The company maintains high quality of manufacture management and uses all systematic and technological manufacturing processes. The quality is currently inspected.

The company KOMPONENTY, a.s. ZLÍN, has introduced the quality system certified by the company LRQA Ltd. according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001.